Eurolegno, since 1976, benches and stools for pianos.

Fondata nel 1976, EUROLEGNO has always maintained a tradition of excellence in the artisanal production of piano benches and stools.. With nearly half a century of accumulated experience, we have refined every aspect of our craft, ensuring that each piece that leaves our workshop is a true masterpiece. Led with dedication and passion by Maurizia Ortolani, EUROLEGNO is not just a company but a family committed to creating products of exceptional quality.. The proudly family-owned company is reflected in the care and attention we dedicate to every single detail. For those in search of piano benches and stools that represent perfection in terms of design and functionality, our collection offers unparalleled variety. For those who are in search of piano benches and stools that represent perfection in terms of design and functionality, our collection offers unparalleled variety. The solidity and durability of each piece are guarantees of the craftsmanship with which they are produced. The use of fine materials, combined with the modernity and theelegance of our designs, makeseach stool and bench a distinctive element.

Finishes and craftsmanship



The fabrics we use for stools and benches. Selected for durability and style, they elevate every seating experience to the next level.



We use only fine woods, ensuring both strength and beauty. Each piano stool and bench reflects the natural elegance of the chosen wood.


Accordion Painting

We breathe new life into accordions with high-quality painting. Our painting protects and enhances, enhancing the sound and appearance of each instrument.

What do our customers think?

CEO - *********** Sp. z o.o., Varsavia
European Standards of Excellence
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In the European market, quality and reliability are essential. Eurolegno has proven to meet these standards with every order we have placed. Their dedication to craftsmanship and precision is what sets them apart.
CEO - ***GmbH, Berlino
Elegance and Functionality
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We have been collaborating with Eurolegno for years, and every time we are impressed by the beauty and functionality of their products. The stools are not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to last. They are a perfect complement to our high-quality pianos.
CEO - ******Ltd., Londra
Superior Craftsmanship Quality
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As high-end musical instrument retailers, we have always sought suppliers that match our quality standards. Eurolegno has exceeded our expectations with their piano benches and stools. The craftsmanship with which these products are made is evident in every detail.
CEO - *********** SARL, Parigi
Successful Partnership
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Our collaboration with Eurolegno has been one of the most fruitful business decisions. Their ability to deliver high-quality products quickly has significantly enhanced our market offering. Their customer service is always available and ready to address any issues.